School Experience Programme 

You may have an idea what it is like to be a teacher, and what school environments are like, or you may have had no experience in schools whatsoever. In both situations it is really important for you to spend time in a real-life classroom and with teachers, experiencing what happens in their normal day to day school life.

The experience will cover much more than the classroom environment, the teaching day does not start and finish when the young people arrive and leave, the experience programme will cover the additional responsibilities that all teachers have, such as planning and marking, which you may not have thought about.

If you are unsure if you would like to be a Primary or a Secondary school teacher we can offer experience in both, so you can get a feel for which best suits you. Our programme is flexible to fit around you and your work commitments. We offer school experience in the following:

  • Primary

  • Secondary Maths

  • Secondary Physics

  • Secondary Biology

  • Secondary Chemistry

  • Secondary English

  • Secondary History

  • Secondary Geography

  • Secondary Religious Education

We will initially offer you 2 days of experience, giving you the insight and information to be able to submit a reflective personal statement in your teacher training application, that is based on the realities of teaching.  Once you have been accepted onto our School Direct teacher training course we can top-up your experience to give you up to 2 weeks of school experience, which could be required before you start your teacher training course with us.

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